Dinner with Denise Pitsch at Sea Harvest – Friday, Jan. 5, 2018

Last night we ate at Sea Harvest which is a little fish market and restaurant seating about 35. It is about a block off of Cannery Row in Monterey.

Clark, Barb, Denise, and Patricia at Sea Harvest Restaurant in Pacific Grove

Look below to see a closeup of what is over my left shoulder.

Soon after Denise took this picture, the crab hopped over lobsters and got to the other end of the tank.

We first met Denise at a bridge tournament in Santa Clara in August 2013. This is what I wrote on the blog at that time:

Tumor world and bridge world get linked – Sept. 6, 2013

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When Patricia and I were at a bridge tournament in Santa Clara last week, the first pair we joined up with to form a team were 2 very congenial ladies from Palo Alto. I exchanged email addresses with one of them, Denise, because she said that she comes to Sacramento occasionally to visit her cousin, and thought that we could play bridge here some time.

Tonight I had an email from Denise saying that she had a cousin who has been diagnosed with a stage 3 astrocytoma. Denise googled his neuro-oncologst, Enrico Lallana, and came across the force of erin blog:


Denise searched the blog further and found the recent blog “Erin’s Aunts and Uncles” and there she found photos of Patricia and me:


The cousin is also going to see Dr. Jennifer Clark at UCSF.

I had not discussed Erin and at all with Denise, so what a small world! Denise has joined the list of blog followers.


This is my entry where Denise accidentally discovered that I had a GBM connection:

Erin’s Aunts and Uncles Aug 27, 2013

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80 years ago this month Erin’s maternal grandparents were married in Oakland
and afterwards had a small wedding breakfast for about 10 people at the
Lake Merritt Hotel. Today 10 of us had a sib lunch in the Terrace Room of
the hotel with a beautiful view of Lake Merritt.L to R: Clark, sister-in-law Pat, me (Barb), sister Patricia, sister Joan, brother Bob,
brother-in-law Ralph, Beate (Jim’s friend), brother Jim.

We were joined for lunch by our childhood friend, Marty Henderson Meyer. Her
mother was our mother’s best friend.



We all liked our dinner at the Sea Harvest with generous servings.
Patricia and I played on a team with Denise and her partner yesterday. We had won the afternoon session after being down at the half, but were Knocked Out in the evening session.

Denise lived in Sacramento for a year or so while she helped care for her cousin. Erin met her several times when we had lunch with Denise, and Erin was quite fond of Denise.


Dinner at the Passionfish – Tues. Jan. 2, 2018

Barb, Clark, Patricia, and Bob eating at the Passionfish restaurant in Pacific Grove, CA.

The first week of January each year my sister Patricia comes out from Denver for her favorite bridge tournament of the year in Monterey. For a couple of years now other bridge players have told us how wonderful the Passionfish restaurant is in nearly Pacific Grove. You can imagine my surprise last when I opened a gift certificate to the Passionfish from Colleen last July for my birthday. Colleen had gone on line and searched Monterey restaurants and picked the Passionfish.

Colleen had thought the tournament was in the Fall. But, I kept the certificate in a bedside drawer for 5 months. When we were pulling out of the driveway yesterday morning, I had to run back into the house to get the certificate. Then as we were leaving for the restaurant tonight, Clark turned the engine on, and I had to run back up to the hotel room here at the Hyatt to retrieve the certificate. My door room key wouldn’t work, so I had to go back down to the car, and Clark came up with his key which worked after 5 tries.

Brother Bob, who now lives in Half Moon Bay, didn’t know if he would make it to the tournament, so we were pleased when he showed up around noon today just in time for the afternoon session. Patricia and I had already committed to a team with another pair, so Bob and Clark played pairs this afternoon and then Swiss teams this evening winning 3 out of 4 of their matches.

We all loved the buttermilk biscuits (behind the water glasses) which we began our dinner with. Clark enjoyed his fried oysters and his fish stew. He had been afraid ahead of time, that it was going to be all “presentation” with small portions. I had a wonderful roasted brussels sprouts salad that was enough for 3 people. I tried to get Patricia and Bob to eat it, but they didn’t make a dent in it. I wasn’t hungry by the time my trout arrived.


Skiing with Santa – Mon. Dec. 25, 2017

Steve called this morning and I talked to both boys. … a first with Tommy who doesn’t like talking on the phone. When Steve calls Tommy from work, Tommy doesn’t want to talk.

There was free skiing with Santa this morning near Traverse City. They skied for a couple of hours, but gave up when the temperature got to 17 degrees and it began snowing.

Right now at 11pm Traverse City time, the temperature is 7 degrees. It is 47 degrees in Sacramento.

Brandon, Lisa, and Beck came for brunch this morning .. a much smaller crowd than usual. Colleen called from Boulder.

Brandon and Beck relaxing after Christmas brunch

Best Wishes to all.

Happy 50th Birthday, Shannon – Dec. 23, 2017

Erin’s good friend, Shannon Brink turned 50 today. Shannon, hope you don’t mind my telling this secret to the world! Shannon wrote that she saw the movie, Lady Bird, which was filmed in Sacramento, not far from where Shannon and Erin shared a house a few blocks from Colleen when Wheeler was a year old, so about 1997. It brought back many memories of Shan’s time with Erin in their old neighborhood.

This picture of Shannon was taken about 2 1/2 years ago: ,

I also heard from Ulysses, one of the young men who had gone to high school with Erin and who came to Erin’s Celebration of Life. Ulysses wrote: “I’ll be reflecting on the impact that Erin had on this world. Merry Christmas to you and your family.”

Steve wrote that he and the boys were skiing in 22 degree weather near Traverse City, MI. It was the opening day of skiing at the resort and they skied free if they brought canned food for the hungry. Steve said that it was especially cold on the side of the mountain facing the wind coming off the lake.

And I was cold in Sacramento’s 55 degree temperature!

Merry Christmas to all.

Christmas in the Snow – Mon. Dec. 18, 2017

Steve bought a Christmas tree yesterday. Tommy kept talking about wanting a tree. Here is Tommy helping decorate it. Paco wasn’t interested. Steve says that the ornament box brought back a lot of memories for both him and Tommy. Looks like they have a perfect niche for a tree.

And look at all of that snow outside! Steve said that it snowed all last week nonstop.


More Photos of Colleen and Husband, Deke McClelland – Thurs. Nov.23, 2017

A young girl attending the dinner volunteered to take these photos.

Colleen and Deke with their groomsmen: Wheeler Strand and Sam and Max McClelland  –

Willa Kveta Photography

Newly Married Colleen and Deke – Thursday, Nov. 23, 2017