Visit from Grandson Wheeler – Tues. Jan. 28, 2020

I had a call in the early afternoon from Wheeler who had spent the past 4 days at a SMASH tournament at the Oakland Convention Center. Wheeler said that there were 1700 attendees. Wheeler turns 24 on Feb. 18th. Since Colleen and Deke will be diving in Antarctica at that time, they gave Wheeler an early birthday present of the trip to attend the tournament. One of Wheeler’s Boulder friends came in 33rd of 1000 entrants in one of the events and another Boulder friend was 49th.

I googled Smash tournament and this is what I got:
“Professional Super Smash Bros. competition involves professional gamers competing in the Super Smash Bros. series of crossover fighting games published by Nintendo.”

We were at bridge when Wheeler called from a friend’s house in Rancho Cordova, and we agreed to meet at our house around 3 pm. We went to Zócalo for an early dinner.

5ft 2in Barb and 6ft. 8in. Wheeler
I had Zócalo’s fish and shrimp ceviche … so refreshing!

Wheeler and Brandon
As we were driving to the restaurant, I called Brandon who joined us for a beer and guacamole.

Clark, Barb, Wheeler and Brandon

After dinner we dropped Wheeler at the Sacramento Airport for his flight to Denver.

I bought my 1996 Toyota Camry when Wheeler was 10 days old. Clark took it in to be smogged today and I was pleased that it passed the smog test. The C, M, R, and Y have fallen off the back trunk. Clark says that when the A falls off, I have to get a new car. The 24 year old car has 150,737 miles on it.

Thanks for the visit, Wheeler!


Paco in Sci-Ma-Tech VIdeo – Thurs. Jan.23, 2020

Kirsten sent a video describing it as “a great new promo video for the Sci-Ma-Tech program which Paco is in with cameos by our favorite student.” Paco is interviewed at 5 different times in the video. He said, “It’s my passion. I have been interested in Math and Sci my whole life.” There are about 30 students in the program and they travel from class to class together.

Next time they come to California I hope that I can get tickets to the new Planitarium at Sac State. I understand it gets sold out as fast as the tickets go on sale a couple of times a month.


Electrophysiology – Wed. Jan. 22, 2020

I learned of a new medical speciality. Clark reported his new pacemaker to Sutter Health online and he received a phone call Monday from the Electrophysiology Dept. We went to an appt yesterday afternoon with a nurse in the department. The nurse called in Jonathan Man, MD, an eclectrophysiologist whose specialty is heart rhythm and putting in pacemakers. They removed the stitch which was was still in the hole in the groin through which the pacemaker was inserted. Dr. Man says that this stitch is normally removed the day after the incision. … somehow Clark got dismissed from the Monterey hospital without its removal.

A technician also tested the pacemaker and found that it was operating properly. They gave Clark a Recorder put out by Medtronic, the pacemaker company. Clark is to leave the Recorder plugged in, and every 3 months send an electronic report to Dr. Ericson, Clark’s cardiologist. … Modern technology!


More on Tommy and Snow Shoveling – Tues. Jan.21, 2020

I asked Kirsten if Tommy had shoveled the driveway, and she wrote back:
“He and I cleared out the end of our driveway and the elderly neighbor’s after the city plow came through and we cleaned up an inch or so of powder that fell on the drive after our private plow service visited.”

I think that the city plows their cul de sac and piles the snow in the center.

Then after shoveling, Tommy went to grandparents Mike and Judy to help them with chores. What a good boy!

Kirsten is certainly training him and Paco well!

We bid sad farewell to Patricia today.


Last Bridge and Dinner Out with Patricia – Mon. Jan. 20, 2020

Patricia played her last day of bridge in Sacramento with our friend Marie Leonardini who is one of my bridge partners. Patricia and Marie love to discuss theology and other abstract ideas. I played with Clark. Because of the holiday, there were 28 1/2 tables. Oakmont Senior Living provided a free lunch.

Marie Leonardini, Patrica, Clark, and Barb … after a crowded day of bridge.

Patricia wanted to take Clark and me to dinner for her last night here:

Clark, Barb, and Patricia at Roxy restaurant.
Patricia likes their stroganoff, and I love their chopped salad which I had with very, very rare salmon. Clark had the Elvis burger.

We hate to see Patricia leave. She needs to stay a full month next time!

Tommy with Snow Shovel – Sun. Jan. 19, 2020

Tommy in the snow. Kirsten wrote that it was “a beautiful sunny day after a modest snow storm.” It was the first cut de sac plow pile shot of 2020.

Did Tommy shovel the driveway?

It is 23 degrees in Traverse City. … and I thought it was It was cold in Sacramento at 43 degrees!


Bridge at Folsom – Sat. Jan. 18, 2020

Today Clark, Patricia, my neighbor Jean MacDonald, and I went to the Folsom Bridge Club (FBC) in Orangevale because I wanted to hear the lecture by Gerry Fox which preceded the bridge session. Gerry Fox of Napa is my favorite lecturer. He gives a talk about once a month at FBC. Gerry spoke on, “Responses to partner’s bids of 6-card Suits”. Gerry speaks simply without a note and is very entertaining.

Patricia and I came in 12th of 12 with 33%. Clark and Jean were 2nd of 12 with 59%. Jean is a very good player. Clark played with her maybe once before many years ago.

When my sister Joan was coming up, her daughter Janet asked me if I would like some of Janet’s tomato sauce which she canned last October from her homegrown tomatoes in Lodi. I eagerly accepted Janet’s offer. and Joan brought a quart of the sauce. So, a few days ago, I bought onion, bell peppers, and fish to make seafood stew. Tonight I made it, and both Patricia and Clark raved about it.

Patricia and Clark are about to eat seafood stew made with niece Janet Keeter’s homemade tomato sauce.
Clark is looking forward to the leftovers tomorrow during the 49er playoff game with the Packers.

Thanks, Janet!