Boys Head Home – Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2016

Erin was up at 4 am to see the boys off as they left for Traverse City. From the garage Erin watched them load the car. It was a very tender moment when Paco put his things in the car, then went back to the garage to give his Mom one final hug.

Erin called Paco this afternoon and they had made it back to Traverse City safely, and Paco was registering for 7th grade. Classes don’t start for a couple of weeks, but today was registration.


Tommy and Charizard Card – Mon. Aug. 22, 2016

Last night Tommy was showing me some of his Pokémon cards. He rattles off all the different evolutions of the cards. He said he would be so happy if he could get a Charizard card, but it is rare to find it in a pack.

Today we went to Target, and he found 3 tins of trading cards on a low shelf, but there didn’t seem to be any price listing on the shelf with them. We thought maybe we should try some place else. When we turned around, there was a whole wall of Pokémon tins. He settled on a tin of 40 cards that featured a Requesa card. He was just beaming as we walked up to the register.

I was trying to figure out which check out line was shortest, when Tommy spotted another whole wall of Pokémon tins. So, we checked those out, and one of them featured the Charizard card! He chatted endlessly with the cashier explaining it all to her. Then we went to See’s and Tommy charmed that cashier, so she gave us a 2nd sample.

Later in the afternoon, Paco wanted to go to Best Buy to get a special high speed mouse that made playing games faster. Fortunately, both boys bought small items to take home with them.

Steve came about 4:30 loaded down with ribs from the El Rancho Market in Marina. Paco had asked him to get them. Yesterday was the concours d’Elegance where all of the fancy cars are displayed on the 18th green at Pebble Beach. Steve was involved for the previous 4 days in festivities in Monterey that were associated with the cars and Hagerty Insurance which insures many of the collectible cars.

The boys leave at 4 am tomorrow morning and head home to Traverse City, MI. Clark and I took them to the pool after dinner for a final swim. …lots of squealing from Tommy who swims and dog paddles, then swims.


David & Paco; Tommy w/Wood Builders – Sun. Aug. 21, 2016

David and Paco

Tommy with Wood Builders

We were supposed to pick up Paco at his friend David’s house in Davis this afternoon at 2 pm. Paco texted at 1 pm asking if he could stay longer. Because Clark and I were going to a memorial celebration later in the afternoon, we couldn’t pick up Paco any later. But, David’s Dad volunteered to bring Paco back to Sacramento. They arrived about 8:30 pm. Paco had had a good time with David and another former classmate, Tony.

Son Brandon, along with Beck, came and got Tommy as we were leaving for the memorial. Brandon took Beck and Tommy swimming. Then I got a text from Brandon saying that he was taking Tommy to their house to play on the trampoline and have pizza.

My nephew Tom wasn’t sure what Wood Builders were. So, I had Tommy make a simple stick man for me out of the Wood Builders. Most of his other projects have been guns. What is nice about the Wood Builders is that there are plastic connectors for the wood blocks.

Thanks to David’s parents and to Brandon for providing boys’ care!

(The first post I made had photos that were too small. The 2nd try had Tommy’s photo missing. Hope this 3rd try is ok.)


Celebrating Life – Sun. Aug. 21, 2016

This was one of the bouquets of flowers that was on each of the 12 tables at the celebration of life that Clark and I went to this afternoon. The bouquets were so pretty, I just had to post a picture.


Tommy and Paco at Laser Tag – Sat. Aug 20, 2016

Shannon took the boys to play Laser Tag in Rocklin this afternoon. They are shown on some sort of motorcycle while they await their turn to play.

I guess they are worn out. I have a sleeping boy on either side of me as we drive to Davis. Paco is going to spend the night there with his friend, David. Paco has s busy schedule!


At Shannon’s – Fri. August 19, 2016

We took Erin, Paco, and Tommy to Shannon’s in Folsom this afternoon where they were going to spend the night and we will retrieve them tomorrow afternoon. Shannon’s daughter and son are already back in school.

I forgot to take a picture before we left Shannon’s, so when I got home tonight, I thought I would photograph one of the objects which Tommy had made out of the Tootsie Toy Wood Builders set we have. When I went to take a picture, the blocks were all cleaned up and put away! I asked Clark if he had done that, and he said that he had not. Amazing.


Tommy Paco Beck – Thurs. Aug. 18, 2016

A typical site of Tommy .. playing with his iPad.

When Paco got his ice cream yesterday at Rite Aid, you got a 2nd carton free, so Tommy picked cotton candy for the 2nd.

Cousin Beck joined Paco and Tommy for a swim at the Campus Commons pool.

Beck (almost 7), Brandon, Tommy 7, Clark, and Paco 12, all enjoyed a swim.

Erin, Lisa, and I watched from the comfort of our chairs. It was a very relaxing evening with temperatures in the low to mid 80s. There was never more than one other swimmer in the pool for the hour and a half that we were there from around 6 pm. We took snacks: smoked salmon, manchego cheese, chips, crackers, croissant sandwiches, and grapes to eat after the swim.



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