Happy 50th Birthday, Tom! 50+ Reasons Why We Love Tom – Sat. Feb. 16, 2019

I asked family to list 3-5 reasons why we all love Tom. I was hoping to get a list of 50 reasons. The list is over 80!
1. He can make order out of chaos.
2. He married a great cook!
Tom Zavadil and Dean Lindsey toast at their reception, Feb. 15, 2015
3. His smile.4. His artistic ability.
5. His gentle nature.6. He is interested in family history.
7. He wants to know everyone’s birthday.
8. His creative Christmas cards. Here is his 2018 card. It was a retrospective of his 25 cards. See #44
9. He had the good sense to overstay his time with his mother while his house was being remodeled.
10. His and Dean’s staying longer than expected pleased his mother tremendously. This was the subject for Tom’s 2017 Christmas card:11. He and Dean came to the hotel in Denver for breakfast with Clark, Barb, and Erin the morning of their wedding reception:
12. His perfectly organized house.13. No matter what he does, he makes the effort to do it well.14. His process is part of the product.
15. He’s tall dark and handsome.Tom is:
16. Very creative and smart
17. Very devoted and family oriented. Here are all of his sibs and their families:

18. Very warm, open, and approachable

19. Very kind and loving

20. Very adventurous

21. Beate loved his gentle nature.

22. He is very friendly and happy.

23. He had a great wedding reception with Dean.

The reception tent from the outside:

And the tent from the inside:

24. He was always very close with Erin at our family gatherings:

25. I enjoy him for his creativity, intelligence, and pleasant personality.

26. Nifty nifty look who’s fifty! Yay Tom!

27. Lovely smile and twinkle in his eyes:

28. Gracious Denver tour guide!

29. Brought Dean into our lives!

30. “Wears” 50 well showing 50 is the new 40 (or something like that)!


31. Smart/Intelligent

32. Funny

33. Sweet

34. Creative (for example, the steam pipes in the basement of Patricia’s house)

35. Caring

36. Stylish

37. Loyal

38. Tom gives informative, architectural tours of Denver.

39. He made my childhood a blast.

The Zavadil Family at Grandma Canty’s in Oakland, August 1973
Tom age 4 on Patricia’s lap, Betsy age 3 on Joe’s lap, Joe, Jr
Mary, John, Peter

40. Every Christmas morning Tom hides things for Jonathan. He originally did it to keep Jonathan distracted until the presents were opened. Being the youngest here in Denver it was always the hardest for Jonathan. Tom keeps doing it because it is something Jonathan looks forward to every year.

Here is Jonathan with his grandmother, Patricia:

41. He has an amazing memory.

42. He has a wonderful sense of humor.

43. He sent me the most amazing letters and care packages when I was in college. It made my freshman year survivable.

44. His creativity and wit with the Christmas Card and how he wraps gifts

To enter the gallery go to #64.

45. I know I made him crazy when we were kids, but he never wanted to change me. Or maybe he did, but he never made me feel that way.

Tom with His Siblings – 1975
Back row: John, Joe, Peter; Front row: Mary, Betsy, and Tom at age 6. Tom are you thinking about how to change Betsy?

And here are Tom’s parents in 1975:

Patricia and Joe Zavadil in front of Grandma Canty’s apartment in Oakland, 1975. (Grandma on stairs.)

46. He truly tries to foster his relationships with his nieces and nephews. He listens to them.

47. Tom remembers family birthdays and anniversaries almost as well as Barbara does.

48. Tom is a kind and thoughtful visitor. He’ll go out of his way to find you when he’s in your neighborhood.

49. When Tom gets to your house, he won’t have any dietary restrictions or New Year’s resolutions that prevent you from having wine and cheese (and excellent conversation).

50. Dean is now my outlaw cousin. (Clark wants to know what his relationship is to Dean.) Dean is also good at wine and cheese and conversation. (Happy Not-a-Multiple-of-10 Birthday, Dean!)

51. Tom goes to the annual Gutierrez Dance Party and doesn’t dance, so you always have someone excellent to talk to when you want to sit a song out.

52. Tom (and Dean) send Christmas cards that make you happy as soon as you see the envelope.

53. Tom was a devoted grandson to his Dad’s Mom, Lee Zavadil.

54. Tom and Dean made a trip to Davis from Denver to organize Erin’s closets and garage.

55. On their way to Mary’s graduation from Santa Clara in 1982, Tom was selected to be the speech maker as he presented the gift the Zavadil’s gave me. I think of Tom every day when I use those colored tumblers. 3 of the 8 still exist after 36 years:

57. Tom was again a speech maker at the celebration of Erin’s life. He persevered in spite of the bad microphone:

I love Tom because

58. He is kind and thoughtful to the older people in his life (like his mother):

59. He has a clever, witty, charming sense of humor that makes me laugh

60. He is so organized

61. His printing is a work of art even on a casual note

62. He creates personal, hand-crafted gifts

63. He concerns himself about how to live a moral life

64. His Christmas cards are so original. This is the gallery of his Christmas cards:

65. His Big Brown Eyes

66. He is reaaaallly good lookin’

67. He is very earnest and mindful about living a good life

68. His excellent taste in men

69. His amazing creativity and how generous he is with sharing it!

70. He is s great traveling companion!

71. His aptitude for French

72. World’s best babysitter!

73. Incredible, witty, yet kind sense of humor

74. A very clever writer

75. He is a great friend and husband and uncle and brother

I could go on and on….

Things we love about Tom:
76. His kindness, especially to cousins from California (My niece Kathy Brown and her daughter Rebecca visited Tom and Dean in Denver.)

77. His attention to detail

78. His wonderful lessons on how to paint stripes on walls with the utmost precision.

Rebecca is admiring the green stripes in Tom and Dean’s dining room.

These blue stripes are in Rebecca‘s bedroom Oakland. Tom helped Rebecca pick the blue paints when Kathy and Rebecca were back in Denver, and then he talked them through how to do the job.

Rebecca relaxing in the blue striped bedroom. Clark says if he had a comfortable room like this, he would never leave home.

79. Tom’s keen memory and the fact that he has multi generations of family members birthdays and anniversaries memorized

80. His humbleness


Happy 50th, Tom. Now we have a list ready for when you turn 81.


Happy Valentine’s Day!! – Thurs. Feb. 14, 2019

A friend sent this, so I thought that I would pass it on.


Happy Valentine’s Day; Happy Birthday, Dean!! – Thurs. Feb.14, 2019

Today is Dean Lindsey’s birthday. Dean is the husband of my nephew Tom Zavadil. Tom’s birthday is just 2 days later.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!


A Special 85th Birthday Present – Tuesday, Feb.12, 2019

Yesterday Steve Keeter, husband of my niece Janet Keeter, stopped by on his way from Lodi to their place in Truckee.

Steve came with a birthday present for Clark: an 8×10 framed photo of Wilt Chamberlin of the Lakers and Nate Thurmond of the SF Warriors jumping for the toss up at the Cow Palace in 1968. In the photo is a glass chandelier which then Warriors owner, Frank Mieuli, purchased in Italy to gussy up the Cow Palace. He placed it over the owner’s box.

Clark holding the 1968 photo of Wilt Chamberlin and Nate Thurmond

On the back of the frame it says:

Clark and Steve love to discuss basketball. Steve was a volunteer basketball coach at Lodi High this past year. When Clark’s grandson Matt Muldavin was playing basketball for Consumnes Oaks High School about 5 years ago, Clark and Steve went to a basketball game together and saw each other at games.

Here is a photo of Janet and Steve:
       Janet and Steve Keeter

I think that it was taken at Lodi Lake.

Great present, Steve!


Snow in Truckee – Mon. Feb. 11, 2019

My niece Janet Keeter wrote, “This is what I came home to when I opened the door to the deck”. She says the snow is it is light, fluffy, and plentiful .

Snow in Truckee – Feb. 11, 2019

Steve Keeter, Janet’s husband, visited us late this afternoon on his way from Lodi to their cabin in Truckee. He said that they have had too much snow. It is piled so high around them, that they can’t throw the new snow that they are shoveling high enough to get over the existing piles.

More on Steve’s visit later.


Snow in Seattle – Mon. Feb. 11, 2019

My friend Barbara Chase who lives in Edmonds, WA just north of Seattle, wrote this morning that this is what she woke up to:

Barb lives on a steep hill, so she had to be very careful to avoid ice as she walked to the mailbox across the street earlier in the week.

The high today in Seattle was 36, and the low was 31. And I was freezing in our 51 degree Sacramento temperatures.


Paco in 2007 Hurling with Séan and Kevin O’Connell – Fri. Feb. 8, 2019

Mary O’Connell started reminicing about the Canty Reunion in Dunmanway in July 2007. Erin and Paco, then 3, visited Mary and her family in Mallow that week. Mary found these photos of her boys, Séan then 4 and Kevin then going on 3, playing hurling with Paco.

Paco then 3.

Paco intent on hurling.

Kevin almost 3, Paco 3, and Séan 4 having a bath after a hard day of hurling.

Mary’s husband, Pat, is relaxing with Paco and his sons, Kevin and Séan.

And here are the 3 boys today:

Paco who will be 15 the end of the month.

Kevin O’Connell 14 1/2 and Séan O’Connell soon to be 16

Thanks, Mary, for finding these photos!