Tommy’s Last Soccer Game – Sat. oct. 12, 2019

Kirsten just sent this photo:

That is Tommy in the white shirt next to the boy with his hands up in the air.

Kirsten writes:
“It was a chilly Saturday (41F) in Suttons Bay for the last regular season double-header.
Team Liverpool (Tommy’s team) did not win either game but they played hard and held their heads high. Post-game pumpkin doughnuts lifted their spirits.”

In the live shot you can see Tommy hustling.


Blog Mixup

Yesterday for some reason, 6 old blog posts appeared before the entry I was making regarding the celebration of my friend Joanne Donovan’s 90th birthday.

Cursor down past those old Dec. entries involving Colleen and Deke and you will come to the 90th birthday celebration entry.

I no longer seem to be able to edit and erase old blogs.


Colleen & Deke & FOOD – Thurs. Dec. 27, 2018

Deke and Colleen finished playing a game after a day’s work in the kitchen.

Colleen showed up around 1 pm with 4 huge bags of groceries. She bought a Farmer John’s spiral sliced half ham which she fixed for dinner. She poured a bottle of coke over it and baked it, the coke serving as a glaze.

The potatoes were hash brown’s baked with sour cream and cheddar cheese. ..with potato chips on top. …yum, but not part of my Keto diet.
For lunch Colleen made us Italian wedding soup. Colleen asked Clark what kind of pasta he wanted. He said, “alphabet soup with no vowels”.
Clark was very happy with his dinner and loves having all this food in the house.

Thank you, Colleen!


Tommy sledding on Thanksgiving day-Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Steve sent me this photo on Thanksgiving day when Tommy was sliding down a hill that didn’t really have much snow. But, Tommy just couldn’t wait any longer. It is amazing how fast he could go on such a small amount of snow. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to post videos on WordPress, so this will just be a still photo.


Food!!! – Wed. Dec. 26, 2018

Colleen baked the ham by pouring a bottle of coke over it to form a glaze.

The potatoes are hashed Browns with sour cream and cheese and a potato chip topping. We got the recipe years ago from Norma McGee who worked with Brandon in the Los Rios District office and had been in his poker group.

I had been worried because I had not heard from Norma for a couple of years. Tonight I called her in Reno and was delighted when she answered the phone! She has had trouble with her right hand so has not written in a couple of years. But she is still cooking up a storm.

This was the Italian wedding soup.
Clark enjoyed his ham and potatoes.

Happy Boxing Day.


Deke & Colleen -Wed. Dec. 26, 2018

Deke and Colleen enjoying a game.

Colleen showed up in the early afternoon with 5 bags overflowing with groceries.

She began by making Italian Wedding Soup with spicy sausage meat balls and alphabet pasta and spinach. After soup, Colleen insisted we take naps while she cooked a Farmer John spiral sliced half ham. She also cooked a potato casserole made with hashed browns and sour cream.

Clark is delighted that our bare refrigerator and pantry are now replenished.


Colleen & Deke & FOOD!! – Wed. Dec. 26, 2018

Deke and Colleen played a game after she finished making the food. They arrived around 1 pm with 5 bags of groceries from Trader Joe’s and Save Mart. Colleen set to work making Italian Wedding soup for our lunch. Then she insisted we take naps while she prepared dinner.

For dinner Colleen cooked a Farmer John’s spiral cut ham half and a potato casserole made with hashed browns, sour cream, and cheddar cheese, topped with potato chips. She poured a can of coke over the ham and it baked a glaze over the ham.

This is the Italian wedding soup. It had Italian meat balls and alphabet soup pasta and spinach. Clark told her to leave the vowels out! He loved sitting in the kitchen and chatting with Colleen as she cooked.

Tonight Clark had ham and potatoes. He loves having all of this food on hand, and making ham sandwiches.

Thank you, Colleen!