Happy St. Pat’s; Erin post-op – Fri. Mar. 17, 2017

Pictured are shamrock ravioli which I bought at Costco and shamrock cookies which were awaiting Erin when we arrived home from Oakland yesterday. The cookies were sent to Erin from my Cal friends of 60 years: Nancy and Lloyd.

We went to Oakland yesterday for Erin to have a post-op appointment at Kaiser.

We arrived in time to have a leisurely lunch in the Kaiser cafeteria before the 1:30 pm appointment. Erin had selected a chile relleno and a tamale. But, she decided against the tamale and went back and got another chile relleno which she ate most of. We had a view of MacArthur Blvd and we could watch people coming and going riding the Kaiser shuttle or Paratransit.

The clinical assistant, Christina, removed the outer bandage revealing these sticky tapes. She removed the drain. The white bandage on the right is covering the hole where the drain was. We can remove that bandage tomorrow and the others in a week. There is no other wound care.

I was really impressed with Christina. She asked Erin lots of questions and was very patient with Erin’s replies. Christina knew Erin’s meds and was familiar with her health history. Christina had done her homework.

Then Dr. Morse, the surgeon, came into the exam room. He told us that he had removed a good portion of the trapezius muscle. When I asked him what the tumor looked like, he said that he didn’t see it. It was confined within the muscle. He wants Erin to have an MRI in 6 months when she has the brain MRI.

It took us 1 hr and 25 min to get to Oakland. Clark drove down, so I drove home leaving Oakland at 3 pm. It took 2 hours and 5 min. Traffic was at a standstill around Davis. We are glad that we don’t have to return to Oakland Kaiser again in the near future!


Having Difficulties – Thurs. Mar. 16, 2017

I have written 2 posts to this blog today, and neither one of them has come through.

We took Erin to Oakland and saw Dr. Morse’s clinical assistant to have th drain removed . All is well. Dr. Morse saw her, too, and said that we don’t have to return again.


Erin and Lemon Bars; Erlene and Sweetie – Mon. March 13, 2017

My friend Mary Claire came over this afternoon to see Erin and brought Erin lemon bars. See photo below. (Can anyone tell me how to rearrange photos? I wanted the photo of Erin to appear first, but I had taken the other photo first.) Erin got tired and excused herself. She had asked for pain medicine at 3 pm for the first time in 40 hours. She was somewhat subdued for MC’s visit.

Mary Claire and I walked over to our friend Erlene’s to visit her. That is Erlene’s cat Sweetie (named before Erlene found out the cat was a “he”) drinking the water out of the flower vase. When I visited Erlene 2 weeks ago, the vase was full of water, but had no flowers, and therefore no cat. Erlene says he only drinks the water if there are flowers!

I gave up sweets the first of the year, so am resisting these delicious looking lemon bars.

Paco’s cast – Fri. Mar. 10, 2017

Erin and I called Paco this afternoon experimenting with using FaceTime. I noticed that Paco’s cast wasn’t white. It is yellow. Paco sent the above photo of his cast.

I used my phone to take this photo of what was on Erin’s phone.

Paco says that they have already begun baseball practice. They practice in a gym. I just checked, and right now at 8 pm Traverse City time, it is 15 degrees F. The high will be 20 degrees tomorrow. And I look out at our sunny Sacramento patio where it is 71 degrees at 5pm!

Erin slept until about 3:30 this afternoon. She hadn’t taken any painkiller since before midnight last night. At 4 pm she joined us for tuna sandwiches in the kitchen, and ate every bit of one plus 1 1/2 mandarin oranges. It was the first meal of the day for all 3 of us. We were all exhausted from the past 2 days of driving  to Oakland and back. I pushed her to the kitchen because it is a little painful for her to do it herself.


Reason for Happiness this Morning – Thurs. Mar. 9, 2017

I meant to mention that one of the big reasons for Erin’s upbeat spirit this morning was because of last night’s visit from Kathy and Rebecca. Erin raves about how charming Rebecca is. Thank you for the visit, Rebecca!


Erin Discharged from the Hospital – Thurs. Mar. 9, 2017

When we got to the hospital at 10 am this morning, Erin was just finishing up what she said was a big breakfast which included pancakes and turkey sausage. She was very cheerful and said this was the best hospital stay she had ever had. Dr. Kramer, who had assisted in the surgery, had visited and said that she could go home.

So, I contacted the nurse on duty to say that we were there to take her home. A half hour later I called to see where the nurse was. She came and suggested that Erin have a pneumonia shot. Then the nurse disappeared to get the shot. Some time later another nurse came with the shot and discovered that it was the wrong shot. Then Erin developed severe pain in her neck and demanded immediate medicine. That nurse disappeared again for a half hour. Then we had to wait for take home instructions, and finally we had to wait for the assistant to bring the takeout wheelchair.

At about 12:30 pm Erin is pictured still waiting.

And Clark is pictured still waiting.

After picking up medicine on the way out, it was 1pm when we actually got into the car. We had had 3 hours of waiting around.

Erin said that on the way home she wanted to stop in Sacramento at a place beginning with C. Clark finally guessed that it was Carl Jr. Rather than wait until we got home, I knew exactly where one was right next to the motel where we stayed last night, about a half mile from the hospital. Since Clark and I had had nothing to eat today, we happily all stopped for fish filets or burgers.

We are now safely back in Sacramento!

Kathy and Rebecca visit Erin – Wed. Mar. 8, 2017

My niece Kathy and her daughter Rebecca visited Erin after dinner this evening. Rebecca is a junior at Bishop O’Dowd high school in East Oakland. Erin encouraged Rebecca to go to Davis for college.

Rebecca took this selfie of Kathy, Rebecca, and Erin.

Erin was thrilled with their visit.

Clark and I had good salmon dinners at Ninna’s on Grand Ave. We are staying a few blocks from Kaiser.

We expect Erin to be dismissed from the hospital in mid-morning. I can’t get over how alert Erin was just a few hours after the almost 2 hour surgery, and was also surprised that she didn’t have any nausea. In fact, at 4:30 she was hungry. A man came around to take her dinner order which Clark helped her order. The man asked when Erin wanted dinner, and she said, “right now!”.