Tommy Sledding – Wed. Dec. 11, 2018

On Thanksgiving Steve sent me this video of Tommy sledding. There was hardly any snow, but Tommy just couldn’t wait any longer.

It is amazing how fast Tommy went in spite of lack of snow.

I wish I knew how to make the video transfer to the blog, but I am relieved to finally get this still picture to post.

Chuck Hecht (1941-2018) – Sat. Dec. 8, 2018

Brandon texted me this morning that his wonderful father-in-law and good friend, Chuck Hecht, passed away last night. Chuck and Joleen had been to dinner at Brandon and Lisa’s and Chuck had been in good spirits. Shortly after he got home, he apparently had a heart attack. He had been on oxygen since the beginning of the year. He died on Dec. 7th, as did Brandon, Sr. 23 years ago.

Chuck was a very kind and charitable man. He was excited when he retired in 2000 or 2001 to be able to work as a volunteer at Loaves and Fishes. I remember one time when he won a gift certificate, he immediately gave it to Loaves and Fishes. He loved horse racing and Giants baseball. In 2012 Chuck and Joleen celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Besides wife Joleen and daughter Lisa he is survived by son Curtis and his wife Heather, and their 3 sons and of course, Beckett.

Chuck Hecht, Clark Muldavin, Beckett, and Lisa at El Novillero restaurant Feb. 2016.

Joleen (with back to camera), son Curtis and Chuck at Campus Commons Clubhouse – June 2017.

Chuck and Joleen at Sutter Health Center in Roseville, Feb. 2018.
Chuck had back surgery at the beginning of the year and was sent to Sutter Roseville Medical Center for rehab.

Clark and Chuck at the Rehab Center, Feb. 2018.

At Easter Brunch at our house on April 1, 2018: Barb, Brandon, Joleen, Lisa, Chuck, and Clark.

Beckett, Brandon, and Lisa celebrated Lisa’s birthday at Zócalo restaurant in University Village May 2018.

Chuck and Joleen joined the celebration of Lisa’s birthday at Zócalo May 2018.

Celebrating Father’s Day at Brandon and Lisa’s are Joleen, Brandon, Clark, Barb, Lisa, and Chuck.

What a wonderful world we would have if everyone were as kind and generous as Chuck Hecht.


Bus Trip to SF – Thurs. Dec. 6, 2018

Each year in December the Women’s Club of Campus Commons charters a bus to take women and their guests to San Francisco for the day to shop, have lunch, and sightsee. This is my 30th December in Campus Commons and I elected to make the trip today for the first time.

Clark drove me over to the parking lot at the Club House. When I boarded the bus, the first person I saw was Jean MacDonald, a bridge player, who lives just down the street from me. She was sitting in the first seat behind the bus driver, so I joined her. It was a wonderful seat with a broad view of the surroundings.

We were sitting opposite Karin Newcomb, the organizer of the trip, and her husband Doug, who was excellent at making announcements. He announced that the bus would park on Post St next to the St. Francis Hotel and that we could use the restrooms of the hotel. Beate, did you experience such “customers” when you were working at the St. Francis? Doug announced the bus number so that we could recognize it when it returned at 3 pm. We departed Campus Commons promptly at 8:30 am and arrived at the St. Francis at 10:40 am.

Jean was meeting her granddaughter who works in SF, so I got to meet the granddaughter, before they went to lunch. After visiting the facilities at the St. Francis, I headed to Nieman-Marcus to have lunch in the Rotunda. Here is a picture of Union Square taken in front of Macy’s on Geary St. on the south side Union Square:

That is Tiffany & Co. to the right of Saks Fifth Avenue.

When I got to the Rotunda on the 4th floor of Neiman-Marcus, I encountered Gail Burriss whom I hadn’t seen in years. In 2004, my first year of playing duplicate, I went to Wednesday night classes taught by Barbara Vann at Citrus Heights. At the first class I sat across from Gail and played as her partner and we discovered that we both lived on
Hartnell Place. Gail doesn’t play at the sanctioned clubs, but organizes the bridge for Campus Commons.

5 of us ate together in the Rotunda restaurant. The waiter had just served us when he vouluntarily asked if we would like him to take our picture.

Connie Eaton, Barbara Wheeler, Gail Burriss, Virginia Loefler, and Virginia’s friend have just been served.
Shortly after we sat down, before we ordered, we were served gigantic popovers and a cup of tasty chicken bouillion.I had a warm seafood salad.

This is the beautiful rotunda:

The tree extends from the 1st floor to the 4th.

This is a shot of the tree take from the 2nd floor.

The City of Paris department store previously occupied this site at the corner of Geary and Stockton and it was demolished in 1980. Neiman-Marcus was built in its place. retaining the rotunda and ornate glass skylight.

As we were leaving lunch, we passed a rack of shoes at Neiman-Marcus. We picked out one pair that had been marked down from $1295 to $795 … what a bargain!
Gail, Connie, and I headed to Gumps at 135 Post St. We had heard that Gumps was going out of business. I had heard about Gumps as I was growing up in Oakland, but think I had only been to the store once as an adult. Marty, didn’t your mother shop there?

And another sign in the window at Gumps:

I didn’t realize that Gumps carried women’s clothing and shoes. I resisted buying shoes that were 25% of their original $200+ price.

I was surprised to see Effy jewelry at Gumps.
From Gumps we headed across the street to Eddie Bauer.

View of Gumps from across Post St.

Clark likes Eddie Bauer vests because they have inside pockets large enough to hold his Bridge World magazine. But, they had no fleece vests for men.

On the way back up Post St., I stopped in at Tiffany & Co. Erin and her friends used to make a shopping trip to SF before Christmas and she bought me crystal tree ornaments at Tiffany’s in 4 successive years. The clerk said they no longer carry the crystal ornaments.

Here is a view of the Union Square Christmas Tree from the corner of Geary and Powell.

I made a quick trip into Macy’s, then headed back to the bus which left the St. Francis promptly at 3 pm. The driver turned left at Grant, then right on Bush, passing the gate entering China Town. The traffic for the 5 blocks on Bush was terrible. The driver was a master at negotiating traffic with that big bus. We did not hit Market St until 27 min after 3 and finally got on the Bay Bridge at 3:53 pm.

Once we hit the bridge, it was smooth sailing with gorgeous views of the port of Oakland.

Traffic was bad again around Davis and when we arrived in Sacramento. We got home at 6:35 pm. So, it took 2 hours and 10 min going down to SF and 3 Hours and 35 min coming home.

Clark picked me up and we rushed to bridge. I had called the director and told him that we would be about 15 min late. He said everyone was running late because of traffic. We had an average game.

It was a fun day!

Paco Rehearsing for Band Concert – Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018

Steve sent me this video of Paco rehearsing for a band concert tonight at his high school in Traverse City, MI. That is Paco in the center with the red music book. He is playing the high pitched xylophone.
I hope that you can see and hear this video by clicking on an arrow which may pop up.

Here is still of Paco:

Hope these post. I will delete the previous tries.


California Fish Grill – Sunday, Dec. 2, 2018

Barney, the helper at the Sacramento Bridge Center, told me of a new fish restaurant that opened over the Thanksgiving weekend. it is the California Seafood Grill located in the Howe Bout Arden Shopping Center at the intersection of Howe Av and Arden Way. The restaurant is located under the Mattress Firm on the extreme right of the shopping center.

Yesterday Clark and I had eaten a very late lunch/brunch and decided to drive by the new restaurant. Clark suggested that we pick up food to take home for dinner later.
I ordered barramundi, a sea bass which was a little overcooked for me. It came with a choice of 2 sides all for $11.99. I had an absolutely delicious kaleslaw which filled a pint container. My other side was grilled zucchini. Clark had the shrimp salad.

Joan, and Nancy, have either of you been to the one on Ignacio Valley Rd in Walnut Creek?

I cornered a server to take this photo:

Clark and Barb

We will be back when we want a quick meal.


40 years – Monday, Nov. 26, 2018

My mother, Maxine (Ferguson) Canty died 40 years ago today on Nov. 26,1978 in Oakland, CA. She was born in Macomb, Ilinois on May 1,1905 and then grew up in Rockford, Ill. She was survived by her 6 children and 20 grandchildren. She had outlived my father by 14 years.

At the time of her death I inherited a house plant from her which has survived these 40 years despite my neglect. It is a sansevieria plant, also called Mother-in-Law’s tongue or a snake plant. I don’’t know how long she had had it, so it is at least 40 years old. I think I need to add top soil to it. The pictures on line show plants that are much more vertical than mine.

40+ year old sansevieria plant.

Miss you, Mom!
Your loving daughter,

Happy Anniversary, Brandon and Lisa, Deke and Colleen!! – Fri. Nov.23, 2018

Brandon, Beckett, and Lisa enjoy the sizzler.

Today is Brandon and Lisa’s 16th wedding anniversary. They were married at St. Mary’s Church here in Sacramento. It is also Deke and Colleen’s 1st wedding anniversary. As I wrote on the blog a year ago, they were married in a huge white tent in Albion near the beach on the Mendocino Coast of northern California.

Brandon invited us to join them for dinner at Zócalo in nearby University Village. I had ceviche de Guaymas: raw fish marinated in lime juice with pico de gallo, avocado, cucumber, radish, and Zócalo hot sauce. I asked them to leave the hot sauce off, but it was still spicy. It was plentiful and filling and I only ate half of it.

Right now the TV is showing the Washington State – Washington football game being played in a blizzard in Washington. How lucky we were to have 3 gorgeous sunny days near Seattle earlier in the week!