Dinner at Tower Cafe – Sat. Oct. 13, 2018

Clark’s #3 son, Dan, and wife Anne invited us to join them for dinner tonight at the Tower Cafe on Broadway. Temperatures were in the 70s, perfect for outside dining. The outside dining area has the feeling of being in the middle of a tropical jungle. Both Anne and I had the Caesar salad: hers with prawns, mine ordered with extremely rare salmon. I think that the salad was unusually good because it had lots of grated parmesan cheese. Clark liked his jambalaya with extra broth, and Dan had so much caprese salad with salmon, he was trying to give it away.

Dan, Anne, and Clark after a satisfying dinner in the jungle.

Anne, Clark, and Barb
The restaurant is called the Tower Cafe because it is located next door to the Tower Theatre.

The jungle of the Tower Cafe is on the right in the photo. The theatre was built in 1938.

The Tower Cafe was a favorite of Erin’s. Erin and Shannon frequently went there for dinner.

Cindy, Shannon, Aletha, and Vivian met at the Tower Cafe on Sept.14th to commemorate what would have been Erin’s 47th birthday.


Paco at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp – Sun. Oct. 7, 2018

I was looking through some of my pictures tonight, and I realize that I never posted pictures of Paco attending Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp last summer. Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp is a Michigan nonprofit organization located in the Manistee National Forest that provides summer fine arts camp and international exchange programs in music, art, dance, and drama. It is located in Twin Lake, MI, about a 3 hour drive south of Traverse City, MI.

Paco attended the camp for 12 days in mid-July. On the final day of camp there was a concert which Steve and Tommy went to when they picked Paco up.

That is Paco on the marimba, 3rd from left. Paco took his snare drum, sticks, and mallets, and the camp provided everything else.

Paco was giving Tommy a tour of the camp. The boys wouldn’t stand still for the photo.

Now Paco is enjoying playing drums in the band at football games at Traverse City Central High School.


Celebrating Patricia’s Birthday – Sat. Sept. 22, 2018

Patricia’s Birthday was last Wed. Sept. 19th. Tonight her Denver family + son John Zavadil from Albuquerque celebrated at daughter Mary Gutierrez’s house in Denver.

Happy Birthday, Patricia!!

Patricia and youngest child, Betsy Davis.
In the pictures of Betsy taken last March at Colleen’s reception in Boulder, Betsy was bald following chemo and radiation treatments for breast cancer. Now it looks like Betsy’s hair has grown back curly. Cute!!

Patricia birthday cake looks like it has 3 purple candles and 8 white ones. Do you suppose that she is 38?

Dean Lindsey and Tom Zavadil; Jonathan and Josh Davis; Patricia, Lilly and Betsy Davis; Joe Gutierrez (with hat) and girl friend Emily; Mary (seated) and Greg Gutierrez.

The photographer was John Zavadil who flew up to Denver from Albuquerque yesterday. John helped Patricia with some gardening and other chores yesterday. He stays at Betsy and Josh’s house because he enjoys hanging out with their children, Jonathan and Lilly. Lilly just started Colorado College in Colorado Springs. So, I was surprised she was home. But, she is on a program where she studies one subject for a few weeks rather than taking 5 different classes. So, she has a ‘block’ break.

Thank you, Tom, for organizing these photos!


Dean’s sister visits Denver – Sat. Sept. 15, 2018

During this past week Dean’s sister, Martha, and her husband, Dave, have been visiting Tom and Dean in Denver. Martha was out from Florida in 2005 when her mother died and Dean and Tom had a celebration of her life. So, this is Martha’s first visit to Denver in 13 years. She and Dave don’t like flying.

Dean’s sister, Martha.

Patricia found Martha fun to converse with. To our amazement, Martha checks the blog every morning and has followed it faithfully since its inception in July 2009!

Tonight Patricia joined Martha and Dave, Tom, and Dean, daughter Mary and her husband Greg, and their son Joe (not pictured) and his girlfriend Emily for a farewell dinner at the Ship’s Tavern in the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver.

Nice to know of another blog reader!

Colleen’s post on Erin’s Birthday – Sat. Sept.15, 2018

Yesterday Colleen posted this on Facebook about it being Erin’s Birthday:

Colleen Wheeler

22 hrs ·

My beautiful sister would have been 47 today. I miss her at random times when I’m not expecting it, but she loved to acknowledge her missing of people on their significant days.


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June Hill-Falkenthal I’m sorry Colleen. When and why did Erin pass? I remember having a hard time not cracking up whenever she did fly.


· Reply · 20h

Colleen Wheeler What a great snapshot memory, June. Erin died last year after almost eight devastating years with a Glioblastoma diagnosis. But she did enjoy swimming however she could for a long time, despite being paralyzed on one side.


· Reply · 19h

June Hill-Falkenthal Man, that bites. I’m so sorry. She was certainly a kick and as I recall a pretty damn good swimmer.


· Reply · 19h

Colleen Wheeler She would love that description!


· Reply · 19h


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The Chicks Dinner on Erin’s Birthday – Fri. Sept. 14, 2018

Tonight Cindy, Shannon, Aletha, and Vivian, the “chicks”, met for dinner at Tower Cafe on Broadway in Sacramento to celebrate Erin’s birthday. Earlier Cindy wrote, “We will toast our Erin and remember what a good and fun friend she was to us.:)”.

After dinner Shannon wrote, “We had a bottle of Husch Sauvignon Blanc, which is the wine that Erin and I used to drink whenever we went to Tower”.

Cindy, Shannon, Aletha, and Vivian had dinner at Tower Cafe to celebrate Erin’s birthday.

What good friends!!

Erin’s 47th Birthday – Fri. Sept.14, 2018

Erin would have been 47 years old today.

Erin in August 2015

Miss you, dear daughter.