Smiths Practicing Social Distancing – Tues. April 7, 2020

Niece Janet Smith Keeter sent this picture of Joan’s family practicing social distancing via Zoom last Saturday. It has become the Smith Family’s Saturday night ritual.

Top Row: Anthony Smith (in red T-shirt). Anthony is Dave’s oldest and has just taken a job with Intel in Portland. Janet Keeter, Joan.
2nd Row: Ginny Smith Haynes. Ginny took the occasion to announce that she is retiring from American Airlines where she has been a Flight Attendant for 34 years!
2nd Row center are Muffy Marshall and Dave Smith (Joan’s oldest). Muffy and Dave are both working from home in Portland.
2nd Row right: Alec, Caroline, Ken, Kyle, and Anne Smith. Ken (Joan’s 4th child) and Anne and family live in Santa Cruz.
Bottom: Alan Smith (Joan’s youngest), wife Lisa Fass, and daughter Alyssa. Daughter Kayla is missing. Alan and family live in Orinda. He organized the Zoom meeting.

Thanks, for the picture Janet!

Tom visits Patricia at 8 feet – Mon. April 6, 2020

Tom visiting his mom, Patricia, maintaining a distance of 8 feet.

Patricia wrote yesterday that her son Tom came over and sat 8 feet away while they chatted in her backyard. Patricia says that it was a wonderful respite.
The weather must have been nice in Denver for her to be sitting outside with her iPad, iPhone, and knitting. At the time I received this picture, it was pouring rain in Sacramento.

Happy Birthday to niece Nora Canty (brother Jim’s daughter).


Paco and Erin’s EV1 Gear – Mon. April 6, 2020

Kirsten just wrote to check out Paco’s pullover which he has on in the photos from yesterday’s hike.

Tommy and Paco who is wearing an EV1 pullover.

Kirsten wrote, “Check out Paco’s pullover. It’s from Erin’s collection of EV1gear. He’s been wearing it a lot. It looks good on him!”

Erin worked in Oakland marketing EV1 cars. The General Motors EV1 was an electric car produced and leased by General Motors from 1996 to 1999.

Thanks, Kirsten, for pointing this out.


Haas’ Hike; a Clean-Shaven Steve – Sun. April 5, 2020

Kirsten wrote: “The negotiation sessions prior to the Sunday hikes are getting shorter. Tomás allowed at one point today, ‘Yeah, I’m really hating this …’. Today we headed due north from our house to the tip of the Old Mission Peninsula Lighthouse park. There is lots of beach erosion from the high water and strong winds this winter.”

Paco, Tommy, and Steve

Tommy and Paco with Steve in background.

Steve and Tommy peeking thought the branches.

Paco, Tommy, and Steve on the eroded shoreline.

Tommy and Paco.

The newly shaven Steve.

Here is a closer view of the 10 years younger looking Steve. Kirsten said that Steve did some Spring cleaning and shaved his beard off for the first time in a couple of years.

Tommy, you have to continue these Sunday hikes, so that we can continue to get these fantastic pictures!


Clark the Baker – Fri. April 3, 2020

We are out of bread, so Clark made biscuits.
There wasn’t quite enough Bisquick left to make a full batch so Clark supplemented with flour and cream and ended up making 12 biscuits.

He felt empowered wearing my chef’s apron. When I put that apron on, he gets out of the way!


Tommy Lecturing about Surface Tension – Tues. March 31, 2020

Kirsten sent this video yesterday, labelled, “Professor Haas’ lecture on cohesion”:

11 year old Tommy lecturing about surface tension and how to break up cohesion between water molecules.

Later Tommy was hard at work on another project combining 2 parts corn starch and 1 part water to make Oobleck. It is oddly thick, hard and stringy, yet liquid.

Tommy making Oobleck.

Obleck is a term taken from the Dr. Seuss book Bartholomew and the Oobleck, in which the character of the Oobleck is a green, blobby, oozy substance of similar characteristics to this non-toxic, inexpensive non-Newtonian fluid.

The things I didn’t know!


Haas Family Rainy Sunday Hike – Sun. March 29, 2020

Kirsten sent pictures this morning with the message: “A few shots from our rainy hike today at the former Girl Scout Camp Sacajawea that is now called The Timbers and maintained by the local land conservancy.”

Tommy, Paco, and Steve hiking amongst the Timbers.

Tommy, Paco, Kirsten, and Steve look cold. I love this picture!

Looks like someone got creative.

Kirsten’s sister, Kelli, and her dog Jazz joined them for the walk which was just 20 minutes from their house in Traverse City.

Kirsten’s sister Kelli and Steve.

What a nice Sunday outing.

Today is my niece Janet Smith Keeter’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Janet!!