We are happy – Sat. Aug. 16, 2014

I received this email this afternoon from Erin entitled, “We are happy”.

The text was this photo of Paco looking cool, poolside at Shannon’s.


Paco on Wild Stagecoach Ride – Fri. Aug. 15, 2014

Yesterday (Friday) Paco joined 3 of his Davis friends and their siblings at Funderland in Land Park
here in Sacramento. Paco’s sibling was supposed to go, too, but at the last minute Tommy
was whining and complaining that his legs ached, I guess from swimming the day before.

I left the group for a couple of hours, and when I went back, it was easy to find them.
I just looked for Paco’s orange shirt and yellow Traverse City All-Star hat.

Then later Clark and I took Erin and the boys to Shannon’s house for 2 nights. She lives
in Folsom in the hills beyond downtown Folsom. She has a newly remodeled house
with a beautiful pool. She was having a pool party this afternoon for Cindy, Anissa,
Vivian, and their families.



Erin and Tommy Swimming – Thurs. Aug. 14, 2014

This afternoon Brandon and Beck came over and we went for a swim at the Campus Commons
Clubhouse pool. Erin walked in the pool with her good left arm out pulling Tommy as he kicked.
He really doesn’t swim. Erin kept repeating how much she loves the water. It was actually our
first time over there this summer. We were all exhausted after 2 hours in the sun.

Clark is to the left, Brandon and Beck in the foreground, and Paco in orange in the background.


Erin Doing 1 Arm Backstroke – Thurs. Aug. 14, 2014

Erin swam the length of the pool doing backstroke using just her left arm as Clark watched.

The Mandarin Orange Devourers – Wed. Aug. 13, 2014

Yesterday at the park, Paco ate a couple of mandarin oranges which Shannon had brought, then 4 or 5 of the ones that Cindy brought. So, last night I went and bought a 3 lb bag of Cutie mandarin oranges and then set them out in a basket which they would see when they woke up this morning. When I got up at 8 am, Paco and Tommy had each eaten 6 of them! And then, within, a few minutes, Tommy ate another 3. The bag is completely gone.

After several hours of playing whist, I was trying to explain to Paco how duplicate works with the boards moving in one direction and the East-West players in the other. It was then about 2:20 pm, so he and I decided to run over to the Bridge Center so that he could see the layout. Several tables nwere still playing and he could see the table mats still on the tables. He met several of my friends and seems interested in playing.

Later I took Paco to Davis to have dinner, swim, and then spend the night with a friend. On the way there, he said several times that he is surprised that Tommy is so interested in whist when he wants to talk so much. … but the talking is all about the card game.


Tommy, The Talking Whist Player – Wed. Aug. 13, 2014

Again today Tommy wanted to play whist. He talks non-stop about his cards and what he hopes Paco and I will play. The only other child I know that approached his volume of conversation was his mother!


Paco Tommy playing Tic Tac Toe – Tues. Aug. 12, 2014

We are at Southside Park in downtown Sacramento where Cindy and Shannon and kids are to join us. The temperature is an unbelievable 75 degrees with a cool breeze.

Clark knew there was a lake and fishing, so he brought his gear. But, Paco declared fishing boring after a couple of minutes.

In the photo P and T are playing Tic Tac Toe on a built-in pad in the play structure designed for 5-12 year olds.

At 10:30 this morning Tommy, with Paco and Erin nearby, asked if we could play whist. So we got 3 hands in before lunch.



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