Visit with Dr. Lallana – Thursday, April 3, 2014

Erin saw Dr. Lallana, the neuro-oncologoist today for a 45 minute visit. Yesterday’s visit with Dr. Adams also lasted 45 minutess. When Lallana walked into the exam room, he joked that Erin really wasn’t supposed to be here. He said that he and Dr. Adams were both wrong about thinking that the tumor had recurred in the Fall of 2011. (USCF also thought that it had recurred.)

Lallana said that the new MRI was actually better than the one 8 months ago.  He also thought that Erin was speaking much better than when he last saw her 8 months ago. He examined her for the double vision, and really didn’t have an explanation for it or the nausea. Erin has always had eyes that focus at 2 different levels, but normally glasses take care of the needed correction. He said that maybe she has been tired and unable to correct for it. He also said that the long term affects of radiation can lead to premature aging.

He prescribed some blood tests which she will get tomorrow. She had forgotten to take her Keppra this morning and one of the tests involves the Keppra level, so he wanted her to wait until tomorrow.

He volunteered to have her as his patient when Dr. Adams retires, and Erin was thrilled with the idea.

Shannon was going to take Erin to a tumor support group at UC Med Center tonight, but before Shannon got here, Erin became very nauseous, so they didn’t go.  Shannon stayed for several hours helping Erin with deleting old advertizing emails, etc. … such a good friend.


MRI Clear – Wed. April 2, 2014

As Dr. Adams walked into the exam room this afternoon, he said that Erin’s MRI (taken last Tuesday, March 25, 2014)  was clear and there was no evidence of cancer. (Her previous MRI was 8 months ago on July 25th.) He says hers is a most unusual case. He said it could be that her immune system has learned to fight the cancer. MRIs give false positives, but not false negatives.

As for the double vision and nausea, he said that these are neurological problems outside of his realm of expertize and that she should see a neurolgoist. We had barely walked in the door at home when the phone rang. it was Dr. Lallana’s office calling to schedule an appt. He is the neuro-oncologist whom Erin saw when he first came to Kaiser in Nov. 2011. Erin is scheduled to see him tomorrow at 2 pm.

Dr. Adams is retiring the end of May, so Erin will see him for the last time in early May. We will miss him!


Erin Shannon Cindy – Sun. Mar 30, 2014

Shannon showed up this afternoon with a bag full of goodies from Panera. Cindy showed up soon afterwards.
Shan brought a tuna sandwich for Erin, chocolate chip cookies, an assortment of cupcakes, and iced tea.
Good friends.


March 29, 2013: Visitors

Steve here.

This afternoon the boys and I came to visit with Erin. Paco and Tomás mostly sat by her bedside playing in a computer and an iPad. Erin spoiled them with candy from her Easter stash.

Erin seemed to be having trouble speaking and complained about continued double vision… But seemed energetic and happy to see the boys.

Mellow – Thursday, March 27, 2014

Erin seems very mellow these days. She sleeps most of the day and is awake and watches TV for a few hours at night. She had a piece of pizza yesterday for dinner, but today has not wanted to eat at all. We brought home some chicken McNuggets which she normally loves, but she didn’t want any. She did just drink a bottle of 7Up which she really likes.

She says that for the last 3 days she has become scared of getting in and out of bed, and frequently calls for help. But, she was pleased tonight that she did it easily. Clark bought her a whistle, so that she can call for us, but it doesn’t seem to be loud enough. I just happened to come into her room when she was blowing it this evening.

Steve took her to have an MRI Tuesday, but it will be a week before we find out the result. She had been reluctant to have the MRI because she didn’t see the point of it. But, it was old home week visiting with all the technicians and she says it was so much fun.


Sleeping, Falling, Incoherent – Sunday, March 23, 2014

Erin has pretty much been sleeping round the clock. Yesterday, whenever I checked in on her in the daytime, she was pretty incoherent. Then last night at 11 pm, even though her light was out, she had the TV on. We had been to an 80th birthday party where they had served Indian food. We brought some home to her and she loved it, and had 2nd helpings. She kept raving over how much she loves Indian food. She had barely finished it, when she fell asleep again.

At 4 am she phoned me. She had fallen on the way back to her bed from the bathroom. It took both of us to get her up. Then again at 7:30 am there was another phone call. This time I think she had slid off the edge of the bed.

This afternoon Steve brought Paco to see Erin. (Tommy had a play date.) Erin came out of her grogginess and smiled and enthusicastically talked to Paco. This evening she had some chicken tortilla casserole in her room. She eats one meal a day.

She just phoned at 11:30 pm because she was having difficulty getting out of bed to get to the bathroom in spite of the fact that she now has a pole next to the bed again.


Eagle Eyes – Wed. March 19, 2014

Erin wanted me to report that she has been double vision free for the past 6 hours this evening. It is strange how it comes and goes. Her eagle eyes spotted my phone charger plugged into an outlet in the dining room. I had not been able to find it for the past couple of days. She also reminded Clark that he should take out the garbage for pickup tomorrow.

We saw Dr. Adams, the oncologist, yesterday. He didn’t seem to be too concerned about the increased double vision. But, when we mentioned that she had thrown up 4 times in the past week, he immediately made a bee line to his computer to schedule an MRI within the next 10 days. He said both symtoms can be caused by intracranial pressure. 



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