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Family at Fenton’s – Sun. July 27, 2014

Today Clark had an 80th birthday party for me at Fenton’s ice cream parlor at the location of the old
Nut Tree in Vacaville. Clark’s 4 sons and 2 wives were there as well as my nieces and nephews and
families from the Bay Area – 43 of us in all. Some of them I hadn’t seen since a similar party 5 years
ago. It is fun to see all of the next generation interact.

Son Brandon gave a toast and mentioned that 80 is the new 67. I hope so!

Everyone is so good about talking to Erin. She came home very tired, but held up well.

In the photo, standing: Brandon Colleen Deke Clark Seated: Erin Barb

Paco & Game Ball – Sat. July 26, 2014

Colleen and Deke flew in from Boulder for the weekend and are staying at the Citizen Hotel in downtown Sacramento. Erin, Clark, and I joined them for a delicious dinner at the Grange, the restaurant in the hotel. Afterwards, we went up to their room on the 12th floor with a fantastic view of City Hall, the Library and its Galleria, and Chavez Plaza where music was playing.
Erin was tired as we left 2 1/2 hours later, but I think she was bouyed up by their visit. She had been sleeping round the clock for about 4 days until yesterday when she rallied.
While we were at dinner, I got this message from Steve:

“Paco’s team unfortunately lost 7-4 today (to the Grand Rapids division champs) but, Paco was awarded the game ball for two outstanding innings of pitching.  It was his first time on the mound for the all star team and he only allowed one hit in his two innings.  

Even better, he had a big smile in his face the whole time he was pitching.

They have another round-robin game tomorrow and if they win, they still make it to the state championships quarterfinals on Monday night.” 


This is one of the best photos of Paco I have ever seen. He looks so happy. His face looks thinner.

Flash Photo – Sun. July 20, 2014

Brandon just sent a photo of Flash which I will share with you. Barbara

Visit from Flash – Sun. July 20, 2014

Meant to take a photo of Erin with her latest visitor – Flash. Brandon arranged with Erin yesterday that he and Beck would come by today about 11 am.  Beck arrived in his newest costume – a character named Flash. Clark and I had been up because we watched the last 6 holes of the British Open from about 8:30 am to 10:30 am. Erin dragged herself out to the living room when B and B arrived at 10:30 am. But, she couldn’t stay awake, so went back to bed. People with children definitely have earlier hours than we old folks!


Little League Score: 15-14 – Sat. July 19, 2014

Sounds like a football score, doesn’t it? Judy (Erin’s mother-in-law) texted Erin today that Paco’s Little League team had just won the finals for their district in Traverse City, Michigan. Paco had a hit which had advanced the eventual winning scorer for their team. Next step is the state finals in Grand Rapids.

Erin has mentioned several times today how much she misses her paternal grandmother, Jane, whom she called “Bombi”. Jane would have been 110 today. She lived to be almost 101. She was a very hardy soul with a great sense of humor. Usually I call her daughter, Jan, on July 19th, but today Jan beat me to it and called me.


Erin and Cindy – Wed. July 16, 2014

Erin and Cindy enjoyed some after dinner conversation.

Erin has Cell Phone Again – Wed. July 16, 2014

The Apple store called that Erin’s replacement phone was in. Clark arranged that he could pick it up without having to have Erin go in. 

Cindy came by on her way home from work tonight and brought tacos from Rubio’s in Gold River. Cindy even helped Clark figure out Windows 7. She is so calm. Erin enjoyed seeing her.


Out of Cell Phone Touch – Mon. July 14, 2014

We spent several hours at the Apple store this afternoon when it was 104 degrees outside. Ever since last Thursday, Erin’s lap top has just spun. A very knowledgeable service clerk took care of that.

After Erin had made the appt for the computer, she discovered that the glass on her iPhone was cracked. But, she had been able to use it for the past 4 days in spite of the crack. We had to wait another 20 minutes or so for a phone specialist. Erin had a choice between getting a new phone, but they were out of stock, and it would mean waiting 2 or 3 days for the new one, or getting the current glass replaced, which she elected to do. When we went back 45 minutes later, they had discovered that a couple of pins were broken, and with the new glass, it wouldn’t work at all. So, now she is waiting 2 or 3 days for a new phone…. and another trip to the Apple store.

Erin held up well and was able to communicate.


Follow Up on Death Ride – Sat. July 12, 2014

Just to follow up on Dave and Alan’s Death Ride. They said it was a long and hard course, travelling 125 miles and climbing 15,000 ft. They finished about 7:15 pm. To celebrate Dave’s birthday, they had In ‘n Out Burgers in Placerville.

Erin’s brace is rubbing on her upper calf and making an open sore which is really bothering her. 


Alan Smith, Erin, Dave Smith – Fri. 11 Jul 2014

When I arrived home from bridge this afternoon, there was an SUV in the driveway with 3 bicycles
on top and on the front. My nephews Alan and Dave (youngest and oldest children of my sister Joan)
and their friend were visiting on their way to join some 3000 other cyclists for the Death Ride
tomorrow. It takes place in the California Alps in the region South of Lake Tahoe. They make
5 trips over passes which are about 8500 ft in elevation with a total rise of about 15,000 ft in

Clark says that Erin was very talkative with her cousins and didn’t have too much trouble
word finding.


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