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Clark Erin – Sun. Sept. 14, 2014

That styrofoam box in front of Erin says, “Erin, Happy Birthday”. All Erin wanted to do for her birthday was to have take out sushi as the 49er football game began. She went out with Shannon and Cindy last night to Tower Cafe, so today she wanted to sleep late.

I made a reservation at Piatti for a noon lunch with Brandon, Lisa, and Beck. But, at 11 am when we woke her up, she couldn’t rally. When we got home, she wondered where we went and doesn’t remember that we had woken her up.

The boys called about 10 am to wish her a happy birthday, (her 43rd).


Superhero Cake – Sun. Sept. 7, 2014

Erin attended the Superhero birthday party for her nephew, Beckett “Beck” today at
Beck’s house in River Park about 2.5 miles from our house. Beck will be 5 tomorrow, the 8th.
After about an hour and a half Erin fell asleep in her chair, so we brought her home.

But, we witnessed about a dozen children jumping in a Spider Man jump house,
decorating capes, and the arrival of Batman and his female assistant. When we
left, they were supervising games.

A friend made the cake. I am amazed at the brilliant colors and the hulk fist.


UC Med Center Brain Tumor Support Group – Sat. Sept. 6, 2014

As I wrote in the blog below, the past 2 weeks have been busy ones for Erin.Thursday evening
Shannon took Erin to a brain tumor support group at the UC Med Center here in Sacramento.
The group meets the first Thursday of the month. Shannon and Erin had planned several times
previously to go, but something came up.

There were about 15 people including spouses or friends present, Erin the only one with a
glioblastoma (GBM). The nurse leader of the group has been leading the group for 24 years and
was amazed at Erin’s 5+ year survival rate. Erin found the group very supportive and useful.

Afterwards, Erin and Shannon went to a late dinner at the Tower Cafe on Broadway. They
used to hang out there when they were single. They hope to make the support group and
Tower Cafe a monthly routine.

Wed. night Erin went around the block pushing herself arriving home just as it was turning
dark. The combination of all this activity left Erin exhausted, and she slept all day yesterday.


Colleen Patricia Erin – Mon. Sept. 1, 2014

The last 2 weeks have been busy ones for Erin. Colleen arrived on Mon. Aug. 25th to stay with Erin
while we went to a bridge tournament in Santa Clara. On Tuesday Clark and I picked up Patricia in
Oakland where she had been staying with my sister Joan and her husband Ralph, then had lunch
with them and brother Jim and sister-in-law Pat at the Lake Merritt Hotel as we did last year.

Colleen and Erin hung out here for 3 days and Deke arrived on Thursday. Erin went with Colleen
and Deke to Camp Sacramento where 18 1/2 year old Wheeler is working for the summer. Erin
stayed 2 nights in a handicapped room. Brandon and Beck went up and got her Sunday and Erin
was here when we arrived home a few hours later.

Pictured back in Sacramento on Labor Day are Colleen serving Deke fish stew as Patricia and
Erin watch. Patricia left Thursday to return to Denver. So, for 3 days Erin had many conversations
with Patricia which always leaves Erin very upbeat. Would that the world had more Patricias!!


Paco Tommy Judy playing Whist – Sun. Aug. 24, 2014

Paco and Tommy introduced whist in Traverse City to their Dad Steve and to grandmother Judy, aka Aba.

Note Tommy has his elbows in the shoebox holder for his cards as he watches Judy deal and Paco shuffle.

Paco and Tommy – Homeward Bound – Tues. Aug. 19, 2014

An Early Morning Departure

Steve came for the boys at 4:45 am this morning. Their flight left at 7 am and he had to turn the rental car in. The boys both rallied easily.

Last night after Chinese food, they had a final swim, then a final game of 3-handed Whist with a dummy. Whoever was the dealer had the dummy. Paco and I both liked this much better … made it more like bridge. Tommy would have preferred the “normal” way. He has learned what trump is from playing Whist on his iPad.

I can’t get over how mature Paco has become. He watches out for Tommy, though they do have their squabbles, and Paco is very helpful with carrying in groceries, or pushing his Mom in her wheelchair. Both Paco and Tommy were a real pleasure to have visit.



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