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Visit from Cindy

Erin stayed in her room all day, sleeping most of the time until dinner.  I thought she had not eaten, but she had some peanut butter and crackers from the stash in her room. She enjoyed having a visit from Cindy who stopped by about 6:30 pm after work.  They ate tacos in Erin’s room.

Erin says she is exhausted and feels yucky. But, she was very cheerful tonight. She says Cindy puts her in a good mood.


Tommy, Steve, and Paco in Park – Apr 29, 2012

Steve and the boys arrived around noon today. Erin gave each of the boys a Lego toy

purchased on one of her shopping trips with her good friend, Shannon. That kept them

busy for quite a while. After about a half hour Erin wanted to rest, so Steve took the

boys to the park across the street. Shortly thereafter Evelyn, the bath giver arrived, so

Erin didn’t get much rest. She seems extremely tired most of the time.


Paco had a Little League game back in Davis at 4 pm,, so Steve went and got some

Carl’s Jr food. Tommy wasn’t very interested in his burrito. Instead, he determined

that blueberries and strawberries float in orange sparkling water, but blackberries sink.

I think he may become a physicist!


Paco all set for Little League game – Apr 29, 2012

Paco likes to play catcher best.

Paco is #1 – Apr 29, 2012

Paco says that he is #1 because he is the shortest player on the 8 & 9 year old team.

Tommy at Park Apr 29, 2012

Tommy is proud of T-shirt purchased recently at the Univ. of Michigan book store

Joanne Donovan, Erin, Barb – Apr 28, 2012

Today my friend Joanne Kelly Donovan from Lodi stopped by on her way home from
attending a Memorial Mass and breakfast for Mary Mooney. Mary was a mutual friend
of ours who would have been 80 years old today and who died of a glioblastoma 20
years ago. A group which Joanne and Mary belonged to meets every year with Mary’s
sister to celebrate Mary’s birthday. Mary was the first person I had heard of who had

a glioblastoma and I don’t think I heard of it again until Ted Kennedy was diagnosed

with one. In 1978 my father-in-law and my next door neighbor both had an astrocytoma

grade 4, which I now know is automatically a glioblastoma. Both of them lived 3

months from diagnosis.

Erin got tired when Joanne was here and lay down right after this photo. She seems
to be aching all over.


Jim a few hours after a Cochlear Implant

Erin’s Uncle Jim, my brother, had a cochlear implant today at UCSF.

He was in and out of the hospital in 6 hours. He told the nurses that

on a scale of 1 to 100, he felt like a 300. The surgeon said he had

perfect anatomy …there were no surprises when he went to do the

surgery.  A few hours ago Jim had had no pain, nausea, or dizziness.

The implant will be activated in a little over a month, and then there

will be several weeks of training to use it.


Mack Erin Lucy

Today Mack and Lucy White stopped by to see Erin. Mack grew up in Sacra-

mento across the street from the Wheelers. We used to go to Camp

Sacramento with the Whites and their 3 boys from the time Erin and

their youngest were barely a year old, so they have known Erin all her life.


Lucy is in a prayer group that meets every Wed. and prays for Erin

amongst others. One member of the group sent Erin a photo of Pope John

Paul II because she knew that Steve and Erin had been photographed with

John Paul II when they went to Rome on their honeymoon 11 years ago.

Another member, also named Erin, sent a decade of the rosary in bright

kelly green attached to a cross that said Erin on the back. I think that she

had bought it in Ireland.


Steve stopped by today and Clark enlisted his help to repair a kitchen

drawer which had gotten off its track and which Clark was having a lot of

trouble getting on the floor to fix. Thanks, Steve!

Visits from Blas, RN and Volunteer

Blas substituted for Denise as the visiting RN today. He last visited Erin in January and he said that she seemed the same except for her having more difficulty speaking.  Erin seemed very cheerful and alert talking to him.

Barbara, the volunteer, came tonight and sorted laundry which Erin had done earlier and also helped her with looking up addresses and addressing a couple of packages.

Erin had a headache in her forehead tonight and had taken pain medicine which left her a little woozy.  It was the first pain medicine that she had taken in a week other than ibuprofen. She turned off the light early hoping to get to sleep at a decent hour.


Trader Joe’s Day

Shannon came this  morning and took Erin out as she usually does on Wed.  They went to Trader Joe’s to get “Orange Water” (sparkling orange flavored water).  But, they forgot to get the Joe’s Mac ‘n Cheese which Colleen had alerted Erin to.  I heard  laughter in Erin’s room around 4 pm.  It was big sister Colleen chatting with Erin.  Later, Colleen went to Trader Joe’s and came back with several packages of Trader Joe’s Mac ‘n Cheese for Erin.

When the cleaning ladies were here, they commented on the beautiful flowers on the table. I explained (as best I could in Spanish) that they were from Trader Joe’s.  Erin used to push Tommy in the stroller to Trader Joe’s in Davis.  So, a couple of times when Steve has been in TJ’s with the boys, the check out clerk recognized Tommy and sent flowers for Erin home with Steve.  This happened last Sat.

Today when Shannon and Erin were out, Clark and I went to a lunch at Sam’s Hofbrau with some 30 friends, many of whom I knew when I was single.  So, many of them watched Erin growing up and asked about her.  Thanks to all of them who are praying for Erin. The lunch was organized by Lucy and Mack White, so the two Lucys in my life are Lucy White and Lucy Brown, who comments frequently on the blog.



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