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Negative in Sugar

I am eating a lot of smoothing eating.

Eating a lot of sugar. Donuts, Caramel, Icc Cream…Caramel.


But then ditch…until Sunday?

Oncology Appt Today

Erin and I met with Dr. Adams today as she does every 2 weeks now before the Irinotecan-Avastin infusion (which will be tomorrow).  Adams pointed out that the MR (as he calls it) showed decreased  mass effect and less enhancement, but that the Diffusion Restriction was worse.  I have been trying unsuccessfully to get a definition of Diffusion Restriction. 

He says that her prognosis is bad and that she should ask UCSF about further trials for when the Irinotecan stops working  – and he said that it will stop working – could be a week, a month, or a year.  This really upset Erin and she has been upset all day.

He thinks that her clinical presentation is worse than it was a month ago (speech and loss of the visual field) and he goes  more by that than by MRIs.

L, a friend of Erin’s from high school came by and took Erin to Raley’s to grocery shop about 4pm. They met up recently in Davis because L has children in the same school as Erin’s.  Coincidentally, L’s  mother died from a glioblastoma when they were juniors  in high school.


What a Needing…

Shan pointed out that the wallet I am using is too little and it is time to update. have to face it. No more pockets full of stuff. Just too much crap

Not Muches Semse


I am stuck in high doses of different thinks.

Am in a fog. This is my life for a while. Thank good I have more to tell people to take take of all of us. If  I get lucid, that will be miraculous!

Just grumpy

Body was hurting most of day. Trying to drug self!

If that makes any word more to hang starred it.

So Lame.

I have pain. This is pain I have shin splints since age 6. Should I be looking at all could do cancer issues? Nope, just wining about my shins. Yes, my grammar and writing are sucking. There are a huge amount of people helping us…I am still being lame. But because a drug that is making the pain higher than usual, I should go above issues.


Nope, I am still pissed off that my legs hurt. Man, not a good perspective!


I have to be Sacramento, but this…these boys make me worker. Everyone helps. It is amazing.

A Relaxing Sunday

Instead of Colleen bringing Erin breakfast as she requested in her blog below, Clark took Erin to McDonald’s and she had the fish from a fish filet (heartburn later), and later had the meat from a McD hamburger on a spinach salad for lunch.

We took a walk tonight in the Campus Commons neighborhood for about 40 min.  We both felt better afterwards for having done the exercise. The first half Erin said that she felt very foggy, but then got more sure of herself as she walked.

When she got home she wanted to go to the store for apples, and I was all set to take her, but Clark volunteered to take her and they came home loaded with goodies.

Erin is trying to write, but sometimes she has been thinking 2 or 3 sentences ahead of where she begins her writing, and so it is not clear what she is talking about.  Her eyesight and prescription need change throughout the day.  She never knows what power glasses she will need at the moment.






Trying More Light

In had been trying to post…My bad try from early this AM! We just never know…


Could this be my issued (rather than need dark)?

It is almost 4AM. I am awake, obvious. Still despite this not that bad. My mom is as different as we go. I focus emotional. She is so much more practical. It is more powerful to hear her approach.

At 4AM, I decided to get out my glasses that are used for outside. For some reason, I cannot function with a path. While this is not perfect, it could be better because the quiet and the inside more suitable. At 4AM, it is peace.

I had an incredible (Saturday). I had definitely been chickening to staying at my mom’s. But Beau-père gently got me going. And then I was watching my kid play and giving up dates what was going on and having a small one sitting on my lap.

Between the distance between me and Sacramento; and the everything; Steve has organized life in a way incredible. I have to be careful, I cannot step with out getting adjusted. But thanks to the boys’s and our parents for our 4, I am so fortunate.

Now if I could a huge breakfast for now and slept all day. And had all the crap in my gone…ok, maybe just a huge breakast meal.

Now in twenty minutes I lose the ability to follow words for me to use then. This last paragraph had tahen me 3x in time that the first 30. Again, we can be poed, or I can the chance to learn more about how to balance the good and the bad. And then my frustration reminds me what I have. And I should just that something I hoped I was poetich this morninh.

Colleen, can you bring breakfast later?

From early morning: Am Trying!!

And I so wand a cheeseburger!


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