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Forgot to Post Platelets!

Live has been wonderfully full of family the last few days.

WBC COUNT 6.9 3.5-12.5 K/uL
RED BLOOD CELLS COUNT 4.47 3.60-5.70 M/uL
HGB 13.8 11.5-15.0 g/dL
HEMATOCRIT 40.6 34.0-46.0 %
MCV 91 80-100 fL
RDW, RBC 13.4 11.9-14.3 %
PLATELET COUNT 271 140-400 K/uL

Walking Coma

I am so tired. They all went to bed early. A wonderful day for our family. Steve’s mom and I took the boys to UCSF, my friend Debbie M picked up Paco and took him with her family to the Science Museum. Judy watched Lemon for me while I got an Avastin treatment and bonded with another Giant Cell tumor woman. She is exceptional and I will be calling on her on days when life seems more negative than positive.

We left Steve with his dad for a late celebration of Steve’s 41st. I invited all the guys I could remember to (I forgot a few) and 6 smart, kind men sat around and watched car movies. I owe one to all their spouses, all of whom were looking after the kids, I am sure. I had to ban kids, which seemed mean, but Steve never gets a day of peace anymore.

Tomorrow, I am off duty all day. I will sleep. Judy has the monitor. Lemon is a ham. That is for sure. Paco is smoldering, Lemon is wicked. He is not quite 15 months and already manipulative. I like to call that intelligent.

So, no hives, a wonderful Avastin Day and lot so help from Mom, Clark, Judy, Mike and Debbie M.

Life is good. Took the Tarceva (fasting) and hour ago. So now I am wondering “Where did I hide that chocolate?”

Buenas Noches.

No Hives

Mom can write about the wonderful evening. I don’t have hives!

Things That Have Not Been Said

The Pediatrician who called Thursday said to look out for the call from Podiatry, they called Friday and said, get the cast!

Mom met me at Morse Friday, then came today and folded about 15 loads of laundry AND watched Lemon the entire time. Paco watched TV in our room. I tried to run this afternoon, but without some body pushing me, I am not there yet. But still, I walked. Better than nothing.

Then mom stayed with a sleeping Lemon and Paco and I went to pick up Abuelos de Michigan. They are here on a working vacation. They are going to be sooooo tired.

Grandparents must want to live about an hour or 2 away. Just to be on duty once a month and not have to fold laundry every week. My mom, the folder-at-large. Lemon adores her.

Platelets are 271. (I think, will double check tomorrow). Not bad.

Sat.May 29, 2010 by Barb-Erin’s Mom

Paco’s pediatrician called Erin on Thursday and said that the radiologist had read Paco’s x-ray, and there was indeed a hairline fracture of his right pinky toe.  The pediatrician thought that the best way to keep the toe immobile was to have a cast.  So, Erin had to bring Paco to Kaiser on Morse Ave in Sacramento for the foot to be cast.

Paco fell on the garage steps.  Erin mentioned that it was Steve’s birthday yesterday.   11 years ago when we were celebrating Steve’s 30th at Bodega Bay, I fell on some steps and broke a toe.  Steve, what is it about your birthday and broken toes?

My Brave Son

What a trooper. The person putting on the cast is named Tim. Today is Steve’s birthday.Tim’s is the same as mine!

Paco is a bit nervous. Insisted I find a cousin. Found a Beck, and then he fell asleep in the car. He stayed asleep until Lemon was in his high chair. I had gone through the in & out drive thru (at his request) during the nap.

I woke up this morning, Day 5 of temodar sent me to a unhappy, frustrated place. But then phone call of kind person, emails helped (two grandmas, two nurses and a doctor). And after I took the Temodar early, I had the great gifts of Beckett and Brandon here. Then I scooped up Paco and took him to Morse to get a cast on his foot.

He rocks.


Emotion is ramped up on steroids. Because of the Temodar, I am on steroids. They do not bring out the best in me. Today, I was so cranky. And I met Amanda for lunch. The whole world pulled joy out of Lemon. He blew kisses to all. He has so many to share.

I love my good friend Amanda. She is moving soon. And it finally came to reality today.This was likely our last girl’s lunch for months. And instead of appreciating what we had, a timeless friendship, I actually became quite sad. We have been long distance friends for over a decade, yet the last few years, only an hour apart. I will miss her so. She was there when Lemon arrived. Today, she held him most of the time. And he tried to eat her hand.

I needed a reality check from Steve, “this is normal right, this is not about cancer.” He sweetly laughed, held me and said, “This is normal.” Amanda was indeed his friend first.

After lunch, both Amanda and I had to rush off to collect our older children. In opposite directions we headed, of course. I collected my Pacquito and headed off to get his foot checked out. He decided he wanted to see the doctor. His Pediatrician is a lovely man, and worries about me a fair amount. The Pediatrician decided to x-ray the foot just in case. So I called the great Babs to rush to me so I could go in with Paco while she stayed with Lemon. As I was changing Lemon’s diaper, the x-ray group was running ahead and took Paco minutes early. Paco went in so fast, I did not even realize. Paco went and did it, all on his own. I know it seems like a small, painless thing, yet it was a first.
I love Kaiser. His appt was at 4:15, by 5:45 the pediatrician looked at it, (clear and healthy) and Mom and Clark arrived. So of course, Clark insisted on taking us to dinner. And it was just fun and relaxing. Paco enjoyed the company so much.

I cannot believe Paco. A year ago he was afraid of the world. Now he seems ready to take it on.

Dear Liz Army…

***This one is gross***

When you complained of comstipation, I did not take you too seriously. I have had 2 children and the challenges of bathroom issues and pregnancy are great. I have had major intense diarrhea and that is awful. The most awful side effect I have had.

Still, I owe you a deep respect. Holy Cow! I just went through the 2nd worse constipation of my life. (The others involving Paco in utero). You, I honor. Yours is likely worse, and you don’t get a baby and the end of it.

I am on Tarceva, usually I take Immodium AD with it. Perhaps not again until Temodar is done for the week.

End of gross section.

One Small Step Forward

Monday and Tuesdays are our weekends most of the time. And we are adjusting.

Positive: Today Steve and I were in downtown Davis. An adorable couple (with a cute girl baby in the back of the car) commented on how adorable Lemon is. Their little one was stunningly cute. They heard me singing in Spanish and seemed confused. They are Colombian. They asked me where I was from. Did I have family in South America? Nope, I just have awesome friends.

Negative: Sooooo need to call/e-mail awesome friends

Positive: Have decent fake Argentine accent

Negative: People get confused. Ok, actually, I kind of like that.

Negative: My body hurts. I am nauseous and paranoid that we are looking at another round of the stomach flu. (Baseball Coach Family is dealing with another round. Pobrecitos. Yuck).

Positive: But the Zofran is working and I ate dinner ok.

Negative: Putting on weight due to steroids

Positive: Don’t have to buy new clothes. Have fat clothes.

Negative: I want to eat all the time! Even when I am nauseous, I am hungry. Irony?

Positive: At least I have a medical reason. I want to make my own cookies, but then, I would never stop eating.

Negative: It was raining tonight and the runner’s group still met.

Positive: It was raining tonight and the runner’s group still met.

Negative: My right foot is a bit cramped. At the runner’s group tonight I used older shoes with better tread for slippery paths.

Positive: No Shin Splints!

Negative: Poor Paco damaged his right foot tendon with a fall on the steps on Sunday.

Positive: I taped it and he was impressed. He forgot he was injured. If it does not improve, we will get it checked out on Friday. He walked on it after I taped it, stared at me with amazement and called me “Supermom.”

Negative: Lots of ups and downs of late.

Positive: Two steps forward, one step back, is still one step forward.

One step forward.

My List of Chores is Long. Yawn.

I need to write about Paco’s cathedral: Baseball, the coaches and how wonderful they are. I need to write about my mom and the love Lemon has for her. I need to write about a ton of stuff. In the meantime:

We are looking for a new rental for next year, so that is taking up a fair amount of time.

My bud Amanda is moving to Denver (at least it is Denver) in one month. I am going to miss her so much, but Denver will be our new destination vacation. Argentina is out for another 18 mos! And the main destination reason is also the Zavadil portion of the Canty family. Ahhh Denver.

I saw Dr. Adams yesterday. He said watch it with the work outs and don’t over do it. Apparently, the Avastin really slows down one’s body’s ability to heal from strain, and it is much harder to strengthen in general. Yesterday, I held the heavier baby of one of the coaches. My arms are sore today! I was trying to do bicept curls with him, so nice to know a 5lb difference can work one’s muscles.

In general, my numbers are good. I am tired, but it seems a fatigue based on good things: adjusting to exercise, chasing kids and staying up late to do laundry. Oh, and watching all the season finales.

And I will admit, I am happy. And Steve and I are still in love. Last week was our 9th anniversary. We don’t usually celebrate them with much pomp & circumstance. Yesterday, we all made it to Paco’s last official farm ball game of the season. And it was fun. We were all up too late, but it was fun. So that is a better anniversary celebration. After all, the priest at the time of our wedding said, “Don’t think the wedding is about you, it is about your family and community taking part. You have already married in your hearts.” Yup. Wheeler and Colleen came to cheer Paco on, and all the parents cheer for all the kids. I love my hometown, I loved my mother’s hometown of Oakland, but I will also admit, I won’t be moving out of Davis any time soon.


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